How come I’ m writing  in English on my blog? There are lots of reason, but that’s not the point for this post, so let’s just say that most interesting travel bloggers write in english… And I want to bring the experiences of these people on this blog so that it’ ll be used by my fellow Madagascar-based travel-related companies.

Now, back to my point: I’ m an advocate for Web 2.0 and  I really think that’s one way for Madagascar and Madagascar-based travel companies to get into the game of internet marketing and attract more targeted tourist. We are not yet there.

However, Web 2.0 means sharing, participating into communities, giving (free) advices … Now, my concern is: are we ready to adopt this state of mind of sharing while it’ s widely known that in Madagascar the one who has the information has the power… How willing are we to share those informations?

Jens Thraenhart from TourismInternetMarketingchallenged his blog readers to share their travel marketing secrets, and I was amazed by the answers and inputs he received. Lots of the secrets shared by the readers are non-standard/genuine topics that make sense, and are actually not-so-well-known advices.Can we replicate such collaborative knowledge sharing?

Back to Madagascar: an Island of 5000km coast, a biodiversity hot spot with poor/limited  infrastructure. I think it’ll help a lot if Madagascar-based operators share their experiences, places to go/to avoid, reviews … I think we’re not ready yet to collaborate this way. Though I turn back to fellow bloggers (though the english -speaking): do you have any experience from any other destination that tried to setup such knowledge sharing experience between local travel-operators? If so, what worked, and what didn’ t.How did they mobilize all the stakeholders to actively participate into this sharing experience?