Interestingly, Madagascar-based hotels are more sensitive to the argument that being part of a community might actually boost their business.

Indeed, if we consider other operators (tour operators for example), we can see that there is a tendancy to act alone (even though the TOP and ONTM has their own website but it’s not as interactive as Web 2.0 platforms) .

For Madagascar hotels, we can at least find two initiatives that let those hotels join an already established network

– the FHORM (fédération des hotels et restaurants de Madagascar) is now considering a partnership with expediawhich is one of the major online player for travel booking. Expedia defines itself as “Serving many different consumer segments — from families booking a summer vacation to individuals arranging a quick weekend getaway, Expedia provides travelers with the ability to research, plan, and book their comprehensive travel needs. Expedia-branded Web sites feature airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rental, cruises, and many other in-destination services from a broad selection of partners”

World Hotel Link on Integrated growth pole project IG2P (Nosy Be, Antananarivo-Antsirabe, Fort-dauphin).Which means that you have one website (part of the global WHL website network) for each of the IG2P locations where travelers can find hotels.  WHL defines itself as “Looking for accommodation, tours or activities in destinations “off the beaten track”, or that you’ve read about and can’t find online? Looking for something a little special; a chance to really connect with the destination you are travelling to? Looking to book with people who really care about the local destinations; the people, cultures and environment? Then you’ve come to the right place.”. Although the websites are maintained by only one local tour operator (which is not actually consistent with Web 2.0), the fact that those websites belong to an established network help increase visibility of those operators that are featured.

Now, that’s a good move, but that’s not enough. Now begins the interesting part. As an hotelier, being part of these network is already a good thing but it’ll be more interesting if those hoteliers actively participate to promote their region and themselves within those networks. How? by posting reviews, by answering questions, by looking for feed-back … In fact by engaging with potential customers that participate into those networks.

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