This post will not make most of people in the ISP business happy, but let’s face it: for a tourism business (whose target customer is abroad), hosting his website in Madagascar is not the best choice for providing the best web experience to its users. Let’s make it clear: I am talking about hosting the website abroad, this does not necessarily mean that you can’ t have a .MG domain name while still hosting your website on a datacenter abroad.

Let’s consider the facts:

What is the offer in Madagascar?

– most of the providers will charge you by the space you use for your website with limited technology choice. Some will eventually let you host a whole server. But whatever the choice you go for, you’re left on your own when it comes to maintenance (updates, monitoring, backup) … and you have to be technically knowledgeable about all those techies-thing in order to be able to provide good service to the visitors of your website… which is more than a full-time job of one person

– the scheme local ISP opted for focus on a higher bandwidth for download (getting files from the internet) rather than upload. This model is now obsolete with the rise of peer-to-peer (and related) technologies as each ISP customer that uses peer-to-peer software is a small “server” for uploading/downloading files

– web hosting is not the main/core competency of an ISP

So where to host your website if not in Madagascar?

A lot os specalized data centers exist nowadays. Their main advantages is that web hosting is their core business. Though, they provide better services (24/7 hotline, redundant network infrastructure, daily backups, …), and most of them has scripts that automatically installs different tools/CMS (content management system). Besides that, having only one contact for domain name, e-mail features and web hosting is ver convenient. Finally, their pricing is outrageously cheap (beginning from 2€/month, serious hosting cost around 7$/month )

So now, for our tourism business, this time, at least, you can benefit from superior services without necessarily paying more than the local offer.

Don’ t take what I’m writing for granted, here are more reading for you:

– example of webhosting providers: siteground (with automatic installation of standard tools like joomla, wordpress, or e-commerce suites ),

other criterias for chosing a web hosting provider

So now, it’ s up to you to decide the kind of online presence you want to go for.