I’ve stumbled upon an “old” (June 2007) article from Stephen Joyce’s blog identifying the major GDS players that he calls “the triumverate of travel”

The most surprising (at least for me) fact is what he is saying here

“When you look at this list and the list of companies that own the GDSs, you can quickly see that the majority of all travel product purchased by consumers today is controlled by only a few companies. Just how much competitive pricing can consumers expect when they are searching, researching, and comparing prices for products that are all distributed by the same companies. As shocking as this may seem to the average consumer, it is not information that is readily provided to consumers when they purchase online or through a travel agent. Even many travel agents are not aware of the incestuous relationships that exist within the industry.”

So finally, although an online booking system raises here and there, they are all based on three systems: either Amadeus (well-known by Malagasy tourism professionnals), Sabre or Cendant.

Interesting (and yes, I am bringing no added-value on my post but I strongly suggest you read Stephen Joyce’s article that details it all). I think this is a must-read for all Malagasy entrepreneurs that plan to get into this playground of online travel agent, although some changes may have happened to this list due to all those joint-ventures in the online business.