I was looking for an information on ORTANA Madagascar and did it the “usual internet user-way” via google with the following keywords “ORTANA madagascar”.

The result was amazing (and yes, it was also flattering for me)… the first two results given by Google send back to wordpress tags (ortana and business traveller) referring to posts on my blog. In fact, they were referring to two posts of my blogs

Now when I look into ORTANA’s website, I find it awesome that they have published so much information on their website but those are not correctly indexed by search engine. On the other hand, I am publishing small pieces of my thoughts on my personal blog and my blog got more exposure- mainly because of my tags.

In fact, I think the main difference is that:

– even though I did not a marketing campaign for my blog, WordPress is doing it on my behalf. Which means: integrating and using a well established platform (community, because wordpress bloggers is a community) gives more exposure

– Tags are interesting, and very useful concepts to integrate into any website.

Although this small case study does not make the case for a rule of thumb, tourism players that already have their own website might want to consider blogging (they surely have more to say than me on some topics 🙂

And yes, I’ll still tag with “ortana” this post 🙂

I’ll try to post about another “marketing-killer” tool (publishing to social bookmarks) for any website in another post