Find below some reasons that may make you think again and a way to easily setup an effective online presence without spending money … (ok, that one is not necessary true as you will have to pay for the time you spend on internet updating your website, unless you are lucky enough to live in some part of Europe, in some places in Africa … I am not even talking about the US and Canada). In fact, this article will be another plea for you to blog

Unless you have very specific needs and features that you want to implement on your own website, there are options you should consider in order to setup an online presence that will help you:

– tell the world who you are,

– but, most interestingly, showcase what you are doing, share some news, share some interesting tips

Ok.. so let’s find out how to proceed

first step: open a account

A lot of blogging platforms exist out there but I personnally prefer wordpress for different reasons among which are: very good indexing from major search engines, a very active community and a proved solution

Creating an account is as easy as creating a web-based e-mail address. Go to, carefully chose your username (which is going to be your web address similar to

an excerpt of profile
an excerpt of profile

Tweak a bit your profile on wordpress.  This is a screenshot of my blog’s settings. Don’t forget to select the predefined theme that suits your needs. You’d be interested in the themes that has some customizable headers

Play around with different templates and widgets,

Then post your first article.

A note though, blogs are mainly for sharing news, updates-though a much more dynamic approach.Since you may publish some static informations (about your company, …) you’ll want to publish a page (instead of post)… And opt for a theme that allows to easily show your pages

second step: begin networking

Alllow users to subscribe to your news/feeds. An easy way to to this is to subscribe to and associate your blog to this service. Feedburner is an easy way to provide a subsciption to your news via RSS or by e-mail.

Comment, give feedback on some other blogger’s weblogs that share the same interests as you.

Third step: add some fun

Want to add some Google map that will help people find you, or want to add the latest video  of a trip you are offering, upload it on and insert it on your blog. For photos, even though you have a 3Gb of photos that can be uploaded to your account, you may also want to consider uploading your photos on and use them to illustrate your blog posts