How to search for “free” madagascar photos to reuse

(cc) by bit ramone on flickr

(cc) by bit ramone on flickr

So far, the most popular post on this blog is the one about finding photos about Madagascar[fr]. In another project, I’ve searched for  ways to tap into those incredible photos already published on the internet and that can be re-used without infringing any licensing terms- and, yes, solutions exists.

In case you are not yet familiar with the “Creative Commons” licensing scheme, I strongly advise you to consider it as this is the key element for distributing electronic materials on the internet.The motto for Creative Commons is “Share, remix, reuse-legally”.

Another key element when talking about photo sharing on the internet is flickr. Although there’s a huge amount of photos related to Madagascar on flickr, finding the right ones that you can republish can sometimes be tough without the right tools. You can always directly contact the photo owner and ask for permission to reuse their photos, but sometimes this solution doesn’t fit.

Back to the point of this posts, here are options you can consider for easing your search:

1- flickr advanced search feature

This is the built-in search feature for flickr. Don’t forget to check the “Only search within Creative Commons-licensed content ” tick box at the bottom of the page. You even have the choice for searching photos that can be used commercially for your brochures for example.

2- flickrCC

The good thing with flickrCC is that your search results are nicely arranged in thumbnail mode, giving you a nice overview before selecting- though you don’t have to scroll pages before finding what you’re looking for.An interesting feature is to insert the author/image sources into the image (although I find the texts generated a bit non-aesthetic, but anyway, this is a great tool)

3- for wordpress bloggers: photodropper

If you are a wordpress blogger with your own installation (not on, then you definitely need to have this photodropper plugin that lets you, from inside editing a post, search for creative commons photos to illustrate your posts. I definitely love this feature as you’re only left with finding the right keyword to search for while composing it. Other flickr plugins are available but this is not the topic of this post.

Whatever solution you opt for, be careful to double-check the licensing of the photos you are using as most of the times authors will ask you to quote them as the author.

Any other photo stock images  that you know of where users can search for creative commons photos?

  1. creative commons licences rule! i know it’s going to take us gazillions years to change minds in mada but you know…we are crusaders :p
    keep it up great post!

  2. Hey Jogany, I was thinking about you while writing this post. Hope I could stamp the CC pins here😀
    As I always say: someone has to begin it.Fortunately, I am not the only one advocating for it (I know you and other people do too)

  3. Really interesting and very useful. I’ll try the photodropper WP plugin ASAP. This “copyright” thing is one of the reasons why I most of the time use photos of mine on my blog lol.

  4. @Tahina: Go, run for photodropper🙂 Just remember to set as a rule of thumb that you definitely need to check by yourself the suggested photo.. you’d better double-check when it comes to copyright, for your peace of mind

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