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You may have heard it, or you’ll soon hear about it: Twitter is going mainstream and is one of THE online place to be for discussing and easily exchange with other people.
For us travel-oriented people, this is also a good place to get in the loop as well as showcase our posts, discoveries.

If you want to have “listening-people” notice what you’re doing, be aware that Tuesday is the day to raise your hand and speak on twitter land by using the #traveltuesday hashtag. A kind of advice though: don’t abuse the system.

Here are my few tips to get the most out of this #traveltuesday hashtag:
– first, tweet on tuesday. Obvious but be careful with timezones. You’d want to tweet while people are active on line. One way to verify the frequency of posts is to search for “#traveltuesday” on http://search.twitter.com
– recommend or retweet some other tweets you found useful. Remember you’re in the social media arena: it’s not always about you- be ready to share or retweet about others
– use URL shortners (bit.ly, tinyurl.com,…) to gain some “additional” characters. This is one of the features that I personally love with tweetdeck (a twitter application- that works great on almost any platform BTW- am using it on an ubuntu box)

Searching for the “#traveltuesday” hashtag is also a good way to discover interesting tweeterers to follow and exchange with.

So, are you ready to join the twitter ride?Share some twitter accounts worth following that you’ve found on the comment section