As part of the francophonie summit #SommetMada16, I just came back from an interview with’s radio talkshow “atelier des médias” and just realized that although I haven’t been blogging that much for the last couple of years, my fellow bloggers friend still consider me as a blogger (man, the last post on this one blog goes back to may 2009, even with a delorean, it’s hard to go down memory lane)

So during the first season of this blog (ante 2009), I mainly talked about combining web2.0 and travel (see, “social media” wasn’t as popular back then), this season, I’m going to talk about…about what? Frankly I’m not quite sure yet. 

The very few who read me know that I like showcasing positive things happening in Madagascar. Few years down the lane, I now manage a company called Nelli Studio (, we’re trying to put Madagascar on the international map when it comes to anime movies, video games while trying to get some piece of the cake when it comes to augmented reality and virtual reality. As the saying goes “first they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”
So here’s the deal:

– get back to blogging again (checked once I hit the publish button)

– rant about topics that matter to me (as of today, I’m attracted by entrepreneurship, startup and all the related topics, it may change later on)

– nevermind about being consistent on the topics (as of today, blogging just help me get my ideas clear sometimes… While I once used blogging for personal branding before)

For those of you who were patient enough to read up to here, feel free to challenge me on the stands (or questioning) I put here…